Monday, June 13, 2011

It's almost 2 a.m.???

It's almost 2:00 a.m.   

What am I still doing UP? 

After dropping off the kids, last time I looked and it was 4:10 pm and I had one hour to straighten the house, hide the unfolded laundry, clean the counters, try to close all drawers (even w/clothing sticking out), mix a bev filled with mostly water and a lil' bit of juice for Oli, start dinner, fill sink with water to look like I was "soaking dishes" (oh.... I'm good), and pack some "awesome-OMG" type snack for Gabby, I brushed my teeth with Oliver's "Got to be Glued" hair gel this morning.  eh hem.... had to re-brush teeth (which had a mohawk since 8:00a.m).           Need I say more? 

I think I need a little "Me Time" or another Date Night Out with Carlos.  I'm feeling lost yet I have the best resources I could ever wish for.  Girls that will babysit for me at the drop of a hat, a semi-clean house (so I won't have to pre-clean before the babysitter arrives), money in the bank for a nice dinner out where I can actually wear a dress...dress.... ) cool amongst the youngins'.........     don't mind being "Elane".   (Seinfeld reference)

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  1. You are amazing I am tweeting you and loving you we need to go out together ..xxooxx I miss you!